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Modern announcer console with TFT displays

The VPULT equipped with the most advanced TFT display. The Displays resolution guarantees not only the traditional text recognition, but the razor-sharp graphics and video playback.

Appropriate individual design needs

We take appropriate individual needs in equipment design and appearance (individual and combination of colors, logos placement) and functionality.

Ease of use and manageable

The system is fully IP-based, both with regard to control and display. Therefore, the installation may not require any special skills, a simple computer user can handle. Remote management in order to give himself the status information and alarms (eg. door opening time, internal temperature) via SNMP.


The VPULT entails a fully IP based central PA console optimized for railway station. Statuses are displayed and managed from a graphical menu system appearing on =" colour touch screen. Fully IP based with regard to both audio and control. Compressor circuit to regulate a built-in dynamic microphone and optional analogue I/O interface. Power is supplied over AC/DC adapter or Passive POE source Built-in speaker for monitoring machine announcement.

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